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Welcome to the Hermitage – Sandyville website. Hermitage and Sandyville are two small communities located on the south coast of Newfoundland. The population for the combined towns is 422 (2016 census). We were incorporated in 1963 with the addition of Sandyville formerly known as (Dawson’s Cove) in 1969.

Years ago, the settlers mainly depended on the fishery for survival and today even with the changes to the fishery, we are still dependent. The fish plant employs many of our residents and we also have those who travel away on a weekly basis for the logging industry. Our area has some fish farming in the later years, mussels, rainbow trout, salmon…

Traveling these parts, we’re sure you will find the scenery in captivating. hermitage is nestled in a valley surrounded by many hills. There is a hiking route that leads to Western Head where one can view the salt water bays, the rolling hills and the community from afar. The fishing stages at the mouth of the harbour give us that traditional rustic look that also maintains a piece of history. At Sandyville, the fishing stages are also scattered along the shoreline and local boats moored in the harbour bring us back to the traditional life of our ancestors. They have a beautiful sandy beach, perfect for a little walk or just to sit and relax, and listening to waves.

Mackerel catching at the wharf, certain times in the summer, entices many people to bring along their rod and reel. These fish are feisty and certainly a delight to catch, should you be lucky enough to hold on for that long!

One can take a ferry ride to Gaultois, whereby a greater look at the salt water scenery can be enjoyed. This takes approx. a half hour.

The third weekend of August is when the “Rum Runners Festival” is held. This festival displays the local talent in our community and surrounding communities. A mix of traditional and contempory music, and some activities for the children. Moose burgers, mussels, fish may be on the menu of the evening.

These are just a few things you will find during your search. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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